Meet Bill

Bill Mullen sitting SLC 081811 (51)3Bill Mullen

Bill Mullen is a Managing Member of Mullennium Finance LLC, a Utah Registered Investment Advisory firm. Bill’s focus is fee-only investment advising, matching portfolios that mirror a client’s risk tolerance and timeline. Bill helps guide professionals and retirees toward achieving and maintaining lifelong financial independence. Mullennium Finance is unique in that they are one of the very few local firms that teach free market investment strategy. Every client is first coached, and then provided with a detailed strategy based on their stated goals, risk tolerance and objectives. We live in a world of financial chaos: market volatility, information overload, and unlimited financial products from which to choose. Bill and his team at Mullennium Finance help break down that chaos into an easy to understand and carefully managed framework.

Bill is also part of Matson Money’s Wolfpack, an elite group of advisors that help educate the public about today’s national and world markets.

Mullennium Finance uses coaching versus planning to help their clients use the full potential of their retirement or business. Client education is at the forefront of what they do. It’s for this reason that Mullennium Finance continues to put together educational workshops, TV shows, radio show segments and articles to increase their client’s knowledge and keep them informed about tricky financial markets.

Investing can be difficult, that’s why at Mullennium Finance, Inc., years of experience in Free Market Portfolio Theory, Client Investment Portfolios, 401k rollovers, Retirement Planning and Investment Coaching have prepared them to maximize their client’s goals. They bring to the table an approach based on sixty years of Nobel Prize winning research. With knowledge and a great mentor behind you, there is nothing you can’t take advantage of. Save the investor…Save the world.