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A Review of Portfolio Returns of the First Half of 2017

I have prepared a video describing how our portfolios performed in the first half of 2017. It is about 3 minutes long.

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There are two links in the video. One is to a short one minute video by Dan Solin about the investment industry (not your friend) and one that connects you to Amazon and My Book. In case you can’t access either in the review of the first half of 2017, you can click either one here

Dan Solin

My Book



The Tax Ticking Time Bomb


The book goes in depth on how you can develop an investment strategy that will create success for you if you are new to investing, while how to refine your portfolio if you are a more experienced investor. By following an academic approach, you avoid the pitfalls of market timing, stock picking and track record investing.
The second half of the book is for those who are thinking about retirement or close to retirement. If you have been following the classic way of saving for retirement, namely using 401K(s), 403b(s) and IRAs, there are TAX TRAPS waiting for you in your retirement years. Read this book and you will learn how to be a successful investor and how to make your Golden Years as tax free as possible.