Save Thousands with Our College Financial Planning Services

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Free One-Hour Consultation

Recommended for all families

Our Free Consultation includes –

  • estimating what your financial aid package will be at your preferred schools
  • reviewing colleges that are known to be generous with need and merit-based aid
  • strategies to help you qualify for more financial aid
  • reviewing your current college funding plan and potential problems
  • positioning your student for a higher acceptance rate
  • answers to any questions you may have about college financial planning

Maximum Aid Service

Recommended for families with an income up to $250,000

Our Maximum Aid Service includes everything we do during our Free Consultation plus –

  • a complete financial review of your college funds, cash flow, retirement savings, and other assets, along with a plan to improve each area
  • recommendations to reduce what you’ll pay for college while legally protecting your savings and retirement accounts during the financial aid process
  • completion of the FAFSA and CSS profile financial aid forms
  • writing effective appeal letters to negotiate for more financial aid from colleges
  • full merit strategies and advice on various student loans
  • essay writing and editing

Wealth Protection Service

Recommended for families with an income over $250,000

Our Wealth Protection Service includes everything we do for our Maximum Aid Service plus –

  • planning solutions to reposition assets to non-countable solutions
  • strategies on income/expense planning to better position families prior to college
  • long-term planning that is non-invasive to retirement savings
  • planning strategies geared to to maximize financial aid and tax savings
  • safe, conservative strategies to fund future college and retirement goals
  • liquid, flexible and safe strategies